A running gag on The First Podcast is an obstinate attempt by Lars, as well, as several guests, to question the sexual orientation of Joe.

Evidence in favor of heterosexuality Edit

  • Joe was previously engaged to a woman.
  • Joe has exclusively discussed dates with women on air.
  • Joe claims he is straight, and while one could argue the whole Game of Thrones "no one who calls himself a king is a king" thing, it would be more reasonable to take him at his word.

Evidence in favor of non-heterosexuality Edit

  • Rather than rolling with the joke, Joe initially vehemently shut down any attempt to call him gay on air.
  • The topic of his ambiguous sexuality seems to come up a lot, without provocation.
  • Several instances of Joe saying "I'm gay!" on air exist.
  • In recent months, Joe has stopped denying that he's not straight
  • Joe has made various remarks that would indicate sexual ambiguity
  • Joe's questionable fashion choices have led Lars to accuse Joe of dressing like a teenage girl

Evidence in favor of luggagesexuality Edit

The irony here Edit

"If there is a God, I think that when he made me, he got 75% of the way through in making just this absolute flaming gay guy, and then said, 'Fuck it. Let's make him completely straight and see how that works out.'"
-Lars on his sexuality
If anyone were to suspect one of the hosts as being gay, it would obviously be Lars. A good 25% of the population seems to assume he is homosexual when they first meet him. Joe is the one who acts like a more stereotypical "straight guy".

What allows this gag to work is Joe's fervent attempts to quell any aspersions. When called gay himself, Lars will either nonchalantly brush it off or fully embrace the joke. It is impossible to pull one over on him in this regard, because he already makes fun of himself.

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