The quickest way to arouse Joe

A longstanding trend of Joe asking the guest about their luggage preferences, with the ostensible intent of annoying Lars (as the question concerns something so basic) has led to the theory that Joe has a luggage fetish.

History Edit

The luggage question originates on an episode with Amanda Kusek, in which Joe spent a lengthy amount of time discussing luggage with the guest. This stemmed from the status of Kusek as a frequent world traveler, and Joe's status as a bellhop who frequently handles luggage.

Lars found this topic exceptionally dry, asking if they could move on from "...luggage... descriptions..." with a lot of extra mustard.

Over time, the asking of this question has been presented in an oddly idiosyncratic way which has made Lars regularly question if his interest in luggage is pure. On one episode, he mocked Joe for "partially wanting to fuck the bag".

Annotation 2020-05-28 180344

Joe has recorded both a spoken word piece that was highly suggestive about luggage types and styles, as well as a rap song which was supposedly about women, but contained almost exclusively references to luggage brands and varieties. He plans to release a rap album, for which Lars has suggested the title "Suitcase Full of Cum".

He has also crafted a "Frankenstein's bag" abomination with broken pieces of baggage. This wiki cannot publish the results, as they are not safe for work.

Lars has suggested that Joe should work at the TSA, since their job involves handling luggage all day.

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