"Please don't tell anyone how I live." -Joe, 2019

In late 2019, Joe got an apartment with his brother Jeff. On the show, the former has described his bizarre living conditions, much to the amusement and chagrin of Lars.

Details Edit

  • He unplugs electronics and appliances such as microwaves and toaster ovens when not in use, in order to save a few cents or dollars per year. He and his brother seriously toyed with the idea of unplugging the stove, despite how difficult it would be to unplug and replug it in each time.
  • He is unable to maintain a ratio of at least one working light source per room.
  • He utilizes a foil car sun-visor to deflect light into the living room, instead of turning on a lamp.
  • There is apparently a large floodlight right outside their main window, which they use blinds to cover up at night to prevent insomnia.
  • He has removed all but one light bulb from each room.
  • His shoes are almost completely destroyed, but he refuses to purchase a new pair.
  • He is long overdue for a haircut, but has chosen to avoid getting one.
  • He once chastised his brother for turning on more than one light source at a time, mocking him for living a life of unnecessary luxury.
  • He owns and runs two refrigerators for some reason.
  • His apartment costs almost $2000 a month, despite these living conditions.
  • Although technically unrelated, he started fervently denying his status as an extraterrestrial right around the time of procuring this apartment.
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