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Joseph Petunia Rosenblum, born "Co-Host Joseph" and known on TikTok as DisneyJoey, is a co-host on The First Podcast of Jewish ancestry and gag aplenty. He is also a popular TikTok star, an amateur rapper, and an aspiring indie game developer.

Show role and appearances Edit

Joe acts as the co-host for the show, as well as the chief marketing executive. He works closely with the show agent TJ to bring in new guests, leaving Lars to be able to solely focus on hosting and editing.

Although Lars was the original creator of, and is the main host of, the show, he regularly seeks feedback from Joe and considers him an equal in terms of creative decisions. If a potential choice would be controversial, the former always consults the latter first.

Joe was originally responsible for the Instagram page of the show, though in July 2019 the hosts decided to let the account lapse and stop updating it.

Joe has appeared on almost every episode of the show, only missing a few in the early days due to work complications or unavoidable family obligations. The two now prefer to wait on a guest rather than have Lars do an episode alone.

Recording style/personality Edit

Joe is probably the one host who is most obviously playing a semi-fictional character, with many recurring traits. He will often extend this even into interactions on the Discord server, where it is rarely clear if he is being genuine or ironic.

When he is not joking around, Joe shows fondness for discussing issues related to his ethnic heritage, the indoor garden he is currently cultivating, dating foibles, TikTok celebrity woes, and his ever-evolving attempt to develop a personal style.

In earlier episodes, Joe portrayed himself as exceptionally zany, with frequent moments of "Jewish rage" and bizarre exclamations. Over time, this over-the-top style was largely refined and replaced. Later episodes have shown him as more of a "happy-go-lucky doofus" who is simply along for the ride. A key term for his style would be "awkward", though he is entirely self-aware concerning this. Some episodes of the show feature "extra Joe", in which he will be far more awkward than usual (and often unable to stop).

Joe is far less ingrained than Lars in the YouTuber sphere, which is where most of the modern era guests come from; this has advantages and disadvantages in the episodes. While he may miss some jokes and references because it, he tends to ask some really important questions from an outsider's perspective that Lars tends to miss.

Hallmarks of Joe's on-air repertoire include:

  • Telling Joe stories
  • Going for the "awkward fourth" joke in a row, instead of stopping at three
  • Performing poorly on the spot when asked to come up with something
  • Coughing and sneezing constantly on air
  • Forgetting the names, identities, and even the entire existence of certain guests the show has had
  • Engaging in heavy anti-humor to purposefully come across more awkwardly
  • Using excessive spacing in between word delivery for emphasis of a term
  • Saying something weird to bait Lars into responding about how weird it is
  • Excessive floundering, especially when momentarily zoned out
  • Berating people when they ask live questions without introducing themselves or greeting the guest
  • Yelling at his dog Toby for barking during a recording

Creative endeavors outside of the show Edit

Tiktok joe

Against the advice of many trusted advisors, Joe began creating rap music in July 2019. His first track focused on traveling, luggage, and women. He also featured on the track "The Final Basketcase" by Sergeant Greasemixer on the deluxe version of his album Roadblock.

Like many other choices such as his eccentric wardrobe additions, it is entirely unclear if Joe is starting to rap as a joke, or if he takes it seriously.

In late 2019, Joe rose to sudden extreme popularity on TikTok. He releases videos under the username @disneyalexei, frequently covering Disneyland-related topics. His videos get millions of views. This fact tends to shock guests, who are completely unaware of his other field of success.

In November 2019, Joe began developing a video game based on the show.

As of January 2020, Joe is one of the hosts of The Only TikTok Podcast, along with previous guest Jake Truemper and Flaurall

Personal life Edit

Kroll Show - Oh, Hello - Too Much Tuna

Kroll Show - Oh, Hello - Too Much Tuna

Joe's comedic inspiration

See Joe's sexuality.
Off air, Joe is still something of a doofus, but in a far less exaggerated manner. He utilizes fewer intentionally bad jokes and is a lot more pensive. Lars has described him on the Discord as something of a "normie".

Joe works at a hotel, but has chosen to keep the specifics under wraps since the show has taken off. Only a couple of episodes reveal any details about it.

He did not know how to make chicken until 2018.

Joe is a prominent progressive activist in Orange County, frequently attending or leading protest events and fundraisers. His political alignment is a bit more conventionally far-left than Lars.

He has what Lars would describe as "the music taste of a 37-year old heavyset woman named Peggy", enjoying acts such as Fleetwood Mac and Cat Stevens. He is also notably fond of "diva" singers. In his spare time, he maintains a garden and spends a lot of time walking his dog.

Joe has questionable geographic knowledge at best, and is currently living in questionable circumstances. He may actually be an alien.

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