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Jewish rage, specifically in the context of the show, refers to moments where Joseph becomes "verklempt", prompting him to scream and yell at Lars shortly after. Much like every other supposedly awkward or hostile moment between the two, these moments are part of an ongoing gag and intended entirely in jest.

The rage was mostly retired as a gag after a few weeks. However, it was brought back in spades during a guestless episode recorded in November 2019, in which Lars and the Discord server kept mocking Joe for "making a game in PowerPoint". The game in question is actually being made in Unity.

Types of outbursts Edit

  • Telling Lars to shut up for no real reason
  • Unnecessary, out-of-place profanity
  • Declaring oneself as "verklempt" with lots of mustard on the K
  • Insulting random members of the audience
  • Suggesting that the hosts will perform excessively hostile actions to certain people

Jewish scream Edit

A separate but related recurring incident on the show is the "Jewish scream". This is simply a moment where Joe gets rowdy and raises his voice in a comical manner. It may or may not be done in anger.

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