Jakiki the Fridgigi, mainly known as Jakiki on the Discord server and formerly going by "Check the Fridge", is a fan of the show, Discord server moderator, and maintainer of the official Minecraft server of the podcast.

History[edit | edit source]

Jakiki joined the server around the time Pogo and Tim the Curator both appeared in an episode of The First Podcast; he left shortly after.

Former nickname

In June 2020, Fridge joined back around the time efryo, a friend of his, came on as a guest during a mini episode. He promptly offered to set up a Minecraft server for the show. He is currently the administrator for that server.

The lore on the server has established Jakiki as a "sassy black woman", due to the exotic-sounding nature of his nickname.

His real name is apparently "Addison".

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