Jackie Nadler, known by her stage name Jackie Exoh, is a Chicago and LA-based house DJ. She was an extremely early guest, and is a friend of the show.

Appearances Edit

Jackie went to college with Lars. She appeared on an early episode of the podcast. She found My Immortal to be particularly amusing.

Jackie spent several minutes speaking on sexism in the EDM industry. She also briefly renamed the show to "The Poop Podcast" when an increasing amount of pooping-related topics were discussed.

There were initially plans to have Jackie back on the show, before the podcast started shifting away from local guests in favor of renowned internet names.

Jewish background Edit

At the beginning of the episode, it was revealed that Jackie's father is Jewish, thus prompting Lars to state that Joe should be there because he's also Jewish. Due to her hair forming a "jewfro" as a child, her family would jokingly refer to her as "Howard Stern", which disturbed her.

Joe deeply regrets not meeting Jackie because he thinks she sounds funny and smart, and wishes they could ramble about Jewish culture.

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