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Jabrils, real first name just Jabril, is a YouTube content creator. His channel focuses on AI, machine learning, robots, computer games, and other nerdy topics. It can be considered a form of edutainment with a comedic twist.

Appearances Edit

Jabril made an appearance on The First Podcast in May 2019. Joe and Lars found the episode to be extremely educational and unusually interesting. He has been invited back for a second episode after a new video series he is working on at the moment.

Discord Significance Edit

Jabril introduced The First Discord to an AI online application that finishes a short sentence that the user feeds it. This can result in short stories, bullet points, plays, lyrics, etc. During and after the recording with Jabril, the entire server got a kick out of using the online service, called talk-to-transformer. This resulted in the creation of a dedicated text channel within the discord.

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