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Jonathan Aubrey, known professionally as j aubrey, is a YouTube commentator.

History Edit

Aubrey's style is similar to that of The Right Opinion, who was also on the show, and they are close friends. However, he got his start as AubreyStudios82, a (believe it or not) stop-motion Lego short film channel.

Jonathan was a guest on The First Podcast in October 2019. Lars appreciated the episode, as Aubrey had a Huggbees-style sense to engage heavily in the show's banter.

YouTuber and friend of the show DOPLEX made a surprise cameo appearance on this episode, having planned for a week behind the scenes. Jonathan did not discuss the unconfirmed reports that he only has one testicle.

Jonathan will be returning as a full guest, alongside DOPLEX, in August 2020.

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