I Hate Everything is a YouTube channel run by English film critic Alex Beltman. On the channel, Alex reviews both a litany of terrible movies, as well as some actually good movies to keep some semblance of emotional balance.

He is also a host of the Sardonicast and the JAR Media Podcast.

Relation to the show Edit

Aside from being a sought-after guest on The First Podcast, his video on Shark Exorcist inspired Lars to do a much longer review of it for an episode with Chelsea Sanders.

He watched the movie himself and, upon noticing just how bad it was, realized it needed a scene-by-scene critique; Alex's video was noted by him as very amusing, but not quite sufficient if a listener wanted to understand why every scene was bad.

Lars is an avid listener of the Sardonicast and catches episodes of JAR Media when time allows.

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