Andrew Wagenheim, also known by the handle Huggbees, is a YouTuber and podcast host.

History Edit

Andrew’s notability on the internet comes twofold. He was originally known for his YouTube channel HuggbeesTV, a variety comedy channel, on which he continues to upload.

Several years later, he also began hosting The Official Podcast alongside Kaya Orsan, Jackson Clarke and Charlie White (known on YouTube as Cr1TiKaL).

Appearances Edit

Andrew made a guest appearance on The First Podcast in March 2019, after a very lengthy scheduling process.

Lars has noted a particular fondness for this episode, considering The Official Podcast was one of his inspirations for starting his own show.

It consistently remains in the top 3-5 listened to episodes of all time, according to Lars's analytics on Audioboom. It is also listed as an S-tier episode on the official playlists.

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