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Since mid-2018, The First Podcast has been hosted by Lars and a series of other co-hosts. Regime changes occurred in late 2018, fall 2020, the beginning of 2021, and summer 2021, remaining stable since then.


The show originally centered around the lives of main host Lars and his two co-hosts Ali and Alexis. After a few months, Alexis was an early drop-out due to a lack of spare time; Lars and Ali carried the podcast steadily for two years after that, with no changes.

In mid-2020, Ali decided to leave the show. Lars recruited several guest hosts in her place for the time being, eventually deciding on Amir (doplex) as her permanent replacement a few weeks later.

After having guest James (ManyKudos) on the podcast several times and finding him to be exceptionally compatible with the format, Lars and Amir brought him on board as the third co-host in January 2021.

As of June 2021, Amir and James have decided to leave The First Podcast to focus on their own endeavors.

Current Roster[]

Name Role Description
Lars (Lars from Norway) Main Host



Chaotic evil
Amir (doplex) Co-host

Video Editor


Former guest host


Happy-go-lucky guy who's just happy to be there
James (ManyKudos) Co-host


Former guest host


Funny foreign guy who loves McDonald's

Previous Hosts[]

The show has had two former co-hosts that have since left the podcast.

Name Role Description
Ali Co-host


"If Andy Kaufman had a podcast"
Alexis Co-host


Nervous energy and constantly spilled drinks

Guest Hosts[]

Occasionally, the show will have a guest host fill in for someone, or join the episode when appropriate. These episodes are now few and far in between.

Name Notes Description
DaftPina (Ryan) Occasional Guest Host


Deadpan defined
Ohan Occasional Guest Host


Chris Occasional Guest Host


In cloudcuckooland