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Joe: "We usually have the guests introduce the show, so... take it away!"
Lars: "Go ahead!"
Starting around the episode with RoboRob, the hosts have a tradition of asking the guests to introduce the show, instead of themselves.

History Edit

At some point, Lars came up with the idea of flipping the script on guests and asking them introduce the show at the beginning of episodes. His reasoning for this is that it makes for an amusing way to start the show. If doubtful of their ability to do it well, the hosts will generally reassure the guest that they should just "say whatever comes to mind", and note that a botched intro is endearing to the audience.

Despite the unconventional nature of the request, not a single guest has refused it. Many have expressed amusement about it. Some have even come extremely prepared, such as Huggbees producing a lengthy two-minute fictitious monologue about having found Lars and Joe at a Home Depot and feeding them cheeseburgers in exchange for doing the podcast.

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