h3h3Productions is a YouTube channel starring Jewish husband and wife duo Ethan and Hila Klein.

They are famous for an idiosyncratic "h3h3 reaction video" format, in which Ethan will present a video to the audience and frequently interrupt it with lengthy sardonic mockery, as well as elaborate skits parodying the video contents. The channel is one of the early big names in what is considered the "post-ironic" era of YouTube commentators.

History Edit

Both the YouTube channel in question and, to a lesser extent, the H3 Podcast (hosted by Ethan and Hila as well) have been discussed on air, usually brought up by Lars.

He considers the channel to be a strong personal comedic influence, especially early on. Remnants of this can be found in satirical comedy videos on Lars's YouTube channel, which themselves would influence the comedic style of The First Podcast.

Lars enjoys the H3 Podcast somewhat as a fan, though as a podcast editor he finds it difficult to listen to lately, as the show features extremely poor microphone habits and etiquette.

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