The First Podcast is a show that is filled to the brim with memes, references, in-jokes, callbacks, and everything in between. It can be a bit daunting for the listener to understand them all, so they are catalogued on the Lore/references page as best as they can.

Articles about the hosts and interview guests technically fall under the same umbrella of content, but are given distinct categories on the site, as they are far less broad than overall information about the show.

Can listeners contribute/edit articles? Edit

While many of the articles have been created and updated by the hosts themselves as well as their staff members, listeners of the show may wish to contribute their own (or flesh out existing pages). The staff welcomes this, though it asks that they follow some guidelines.

What constitutes notability for inclusion? Edit

The following things are considered notable enough that an article can be written about them:

  • Main and guest hosts of the show
  • People who have appeared as a guest on the show
  • People who are about to appear as a guest on the show, as per the official listing of upcoming guests on the podcast host website
  • Running, or at least discrete and unique, gags on the show
  • Notable memes and in-jokes that have appeared multiple times on the show
  • Significant topics that the hosts and/or guests have addressed at least once on air (via direct discussion, not implication) with a preference for topics discussed many times

The staff may create new articles that do not technically qualify for inclusion if they feel it will improve the navigability or enjoyment of the Wikia.

What specifically should not be included? Edit

  • Broad concepts that do not relate to the show
  • Non-"canon" lore/references (occurring outside of the podcast, the official Discord channel, or the social media pages of the show)
  • Trivial minutiae that would better be conveyed as an expansion of an existing article
  • Incorrect information about aspects of the show, even if presented as a "joke". Oftentimes, said jokes are better categorized as memes deserving of their own article. For example, do not speculate about Joe's sexuality on his personal article; there is already a page about the meme speculating on it.

Citing sources Edit

The hosts and staff can admittedly be quite lazy about citing their sources, mostly because their show is the one being discussed on this Wikia. In a sense, they are the source. This does not mean that any unsourced information is to be presumed correct, but that it was likely contributed by a host or staff member who submitted it as factual statements.

Anyone not officially involved with the staff or hosts of The First Podcast should, by contrast, cite any statements which have the potential to be incorrect. Statements of obvious fact, such as "Lenox Knight appeared as a guest on an early episode of the show" (which anyone can note as true by scrolling down to early episodes) do not necessarily require any citations, though they may be useful anyway for someone browsing the articles.

Should all possible articles be written? Edit

No. This Wikia should remain easy to navigate through, and excessively banal minutiae should be avoided.

Prohibited practices Edit

  • Writing about general concepts in a way that delivers an unreasonably biased opinion of them. When discussing things tangentially related to the show, retain a neutral point of view.
  • Making statements that presume an opinion by one of the hosts or guests on a controversial subject (please cite examples of them directly giving their opinion on said subject instead).
  • Adding a low-effort article. In general, please include at least one photo that represents the subject, an intro, and at least one paragraph. It is better to flesh out an existing article than to create a new article with one sentence.
  • Adding trivial details about guests and other people featured on this Wikia. Information discussed on the podcast is fair game, and a brief summary is always appreciated. However, these articles are meant to convey what the guest means to the listener in relation to The First Podcast. They are not meant to be comprehensive biographies.
  • Articles and information that is overtly and excessively inflammatory to any staff member, host, or guest. The tone of the Wikia is often tongue-in-cheek with some good-natured ribbing here and there. However, actual malice is unacceptable.
  • The use of non-descriptive profanity, poor spelling or grammar.
  • Doxxing anyone for any reason.
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