Guestless episodes are rare episodes in which Lars and Joe are the only audio participants. The vast majority of episodes, by contrast, feature a guest.

From prominence to obscurity Edit

For the original first eight episodes of the show, this was its one and only format. Over time, as the show transitioned into a talk show, guestless episodes ended up entirely taking a back seat. There is now about one guestless episode per 5 to 10 with a guest.

Why so few of them lately? Edit

The hosts have cited a number of reasons for almost entirely abandoning this format.

Guestless episodes... Guest episodes...
...only maintain the numbers of the current fanbase ...tend to bring in new fans who may have never otherwise listened
...are almost impossible to market in a way that a stranger would care ...are easy to market, because the marketing staff can simply target fans of said guest
...are difficult to make interesting on a regular basis, since it's just "Lars and Joe talking again" ...are inherently interesting because there is someone new to interview each time

The future of guestless episodes Edit

Despite the overall format change, Lars and Joe at first made a point of recording an occasional guestless episode here and there. The rationale behind their existence, despite all their flaws, is that they want something for audience members who have come to enjoy the personalities of the hosts in particular, and may like to hear from them uninterrupted by a guest from time to time.

A guestless episode released in July 2019 in which the hosts casually reflected on their recent success over a soft jazz instrumental has been noted by Lars as being one of the best episodes of the show.

Lars has in recent times come to feel more positively about the newer guestless episodes, as the show now has a more established fan base, and there is less of the early installment awkwardness that plagued these episodes. They are now created somewhat more frequently, with the main reason against recording them in late 2019 being that there isn't any time in between guest episodes.

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