Floundering refers to moments on the show where Joe has made things awkward, and must recover. This is often pointed out by Lars (or Joe himself) to humorously draw more attention to it.

History Edit

A certain amount of floundering is inevitable based on Joe's style of comedy, being very intentional and "grabby". At any moment, he may grasp at an opportunity for a joke. This can be hit-or-miss; while some of the funniest moments on the show come from his jokes, this also leads to many awkward moments.

Likewise, Joe will sometimes fail to deliver a line properly, with "ums" and "uhs" as well as a throat-clearing (or several of them). A notable example of this can be found on the last guest appearance by Alexis. He usually requests that the floundering in these cases is left in, or even exaggerated in the editing room.

Episodes with excessive floundering and awkwardness by Joe are called "extra-Joe" by the hosts.

Lars floundering? Edit

While Lars very occasionally flounders, his style of comedy is much more observational and less scrappy, so it is not nearly as common.

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