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Flexstyle, real name Michael Birch, is an electronic music composer and aspiring Christian counselor.

Appearances Edit

Flexstyle was referred to the show by his colleague RoboRob; both of them had worked on the soundtrack for the Remix DLC of the game "Crypt of the Necrodancer". He regaled Lars and Joe with the tale of APEX 2015, which culminated in him playing to an empty room in a diner for four hours.

The episode gave rise to a particularly badass concept: the idea of a trained army of one million zombie wasps. This came about through a hypothetical question.

His episode marks the third in a chain. The hosts found out about Flexstyle when RoboRob discussed the Necrodancer project on his episode, whereas they found out about RoboRob when he came in to provide memes on Discord during the Chuck None episode.

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