Some episodes of The First Podcast are significant, uniquely interesting, or representatives of show milestones. For a listing of every episode in chronological order, view the podcast itself.

If adding an article about an episode, please ensure that there is something unusual or seminal about it first. Many guest episodes are perhaps best represented as a note on an article for the guest in question.

Episode Number (Legacy) Name Significance
001 Barbra Streisand in Yentl First episode of the show and first appearance of Lars and Joe
002 A Series of Record Scratch Moments First appearance of Alexis
009 Late Night Munchies (with Pogo) First episode with a formal guest appearance
023 Bum Fights with Millionaires Last regular appearance of Alexis
025 Make Progressives Great Again (with Hunter Hawes) First solo Lars episode, in which he interviewed the guest by himself
033 Climbing Skyscrapers with Joe Biden First appearance of guest host Chris
049 Avian Metaphysics and You (with Chuck None) Episode at which point Lars and Joe have mentioned a notable upswing in episode quality
055 Badass. Romantic. Gay. (with NotMyfault and unusual videos) Episode noted by the hosts as taking "hilariously long" to schedule, with initial plans stemming after EP9
072 The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You Drastic change in the guestless episode format
077 Kill Bill: the Podcast Episode (with Kill Bill: the Rapper) Episode that made the Discord server take off, catapulting the show into an era of 24/7 text (and often voice) chat
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