Lars has a vague system for how he internally categorizes different tiers of episodes of The First Podcast.

Breakdown Edit

  • S-tier episodes are ones where the guest naturally understands, embraces, and participates in the format and style of the show. Essentially, they blend right in. Something just "clicks". Lars notes that episodes of this tier are rather rare.
  • A-tier episodes are episodes where the hosts have an extremely fun time with the guest, and the result is an enjoyable product. Lars notes that most episodes are around this tier.
  • B-tier episodes happen when the guest or the conversation is a bit more dry and there isn't as much humor, but the episode is still very pleasant. Lars notes that the second most common tier is around here, but more like a B+.
  • C-tier episodes happen when the vibe is not terribly strong between the hosts and the guest, resulting in something that is entertaining, but unlikely to go down in history as one of the show's best. Lars notes that this is very rare lately.
  • D-tier episodes happen when there is a noticeable vibe mismatch, or the guest is simply out of place on the podcast. Lars notes that the only episodes where this was the case have since been removed, and all of them were from the early era the show.

Lars has stated that he doesn't feel the show has had anything less than a C or C+ episode since the modern era began; virtually all of the guests at this point are entertainers with six to eight figure follower counts, and finding someone in this range who isn't enjoyable to spend an hour with is exceedingly rare.

He also does not believe the show has put out an F-tier episode.

Ranking of guestless episodes Edit

As most guestless episodes these days are either filler episodes or very special episodes (such as the 1-year anniversary episode, Lars generally does not internally grade them.

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