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EXOciety, formerly Exordium, is a record label run by Rav.

History and appearances Edit

EXOciety started as a hip hop collective between Rav, Kill Bill: the Rapper, and a few other artists that they have picked up over the years.

Rav, Kill Bill, Airospace, and Scuare were guests on The First Podcast. This began on a whim when Lars sent a DM to Bill, one of his favorite hip hop artists, in the hopes of getting him on the show. The latter agreed later that afternoon.

Due to fan demand, there was a plan to get every member of EXO on the show, including Ashido Brown and Rekcahdam in the future. As time went by and the show drifted more toward YouTubers, these plans seemingly were abandoned; however, Bill has expressed interest in making a third appearance, again with Rav.

Exomania 2019 Edit


FrankJavCee, a guest on The First Podcast, hosted "Exomania" in June 2019. Lars and Joe were in attendance, along with several other members of the Discord server.

Lars was lucky enough to obtain one of several fake Pokemon cards displaying Bill, Rav and LoveSadKid; he gave the third card to Joe since the latter was ostensibly able to procure him for a future interview, determining that he had "earned" it. The hosts also met several of the show's previous guests, including Frank, Bill and Rav, in person.

A last-minute venue change the night before forced the show into a somewhat nearby household backyard, and the show did not last as long as planned. Nonetheless, all the same artists were featured in almost the exact same order, with Bill and Rav closing the set.

Joe met Brittany while traveling to Exomania.

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