Donald John Trump (neé Drumpf) is the current President of the United States for some reason.

He, alongside almost everyone professionally associated with him, is currently under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for crimes that are almost unfathomable in severity and number. This scandal has been referred to in the press as "Stupid Watergate".

All hosts of the show openly dislike Trump, both as president and as a person. Many guests will also make a point of lambasting him on their appearances.

Host opinions Edit

Lars considers Trump to be representative of the exact kind of American he dislikes, considering him to be tacky, unprofessional, capricious and flagrantly untrustworthy. He finds the "Orange Man Bad" meme to be a low-energy attempt to mock Trump's critics, as he considers said orange man to indeed be bad, and to be deserving of every ounce of criticism he receives.

Joe has noted that if he could take a celebrity to the moon with him and leave them there, he would take Trump.

Alexis considers the Robert Mueller investigation into his election team to be extremely personally important.

The cold fast food dinner Edit


Assistants lighting candles to set the mood for Clemson athletes while they consumed cold "hamburders" and fries

On a Bros Night episode, the hosts (alongside Richard and Chris) devoted a large portion of the episode to discussing an incident in which Trump fed a group of Clemson University athletes an assortment of cold fast food.

The event was openly mocked by all discussion participants as being exceptionally tacky, even for Trump. Lars considered it to be a good metaphor for the presidency as a whole: cold fast food served on a silver platter.

Potential guest? Edit

If the hosts ever manage to get the man on air as a guest, Joe has stated he will skip hosting that week, and Lars noted he would give a hard-hitting interview.

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