Dick Masterson is a host of The Dick Show podcast. He also originally hosted The Biggest Problem in the Universe with Maddox. It did not end well.

History Edit

Dick was sued for $20 million by former business partner Maddox for, among other things, his endorsement of a Christmas album made by Asterios Kokkinos repeatingly calling Maddox a cuck.

People like Dick, Kaya Orsan, Asterios, and others being egregiously treated by Maddox are among the reasons that the Maddox episode of The First Podcast was canceled by Lars, who did not want to do business with him anymore.

There were tentative plans to have Dick on The First Podcast for episode 108; this is an ongoing gag of Dick's repertoire in which he will happily go on a podcast's 108th episode, since Maddox canceled the podcast he did with him on episode 107.

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