Dan Cameron

Dan Cameron is a mysterious meme/reference that Joe essentially forced onto the show during the LavenderTowne episode.

Explanation Edit

According to Joe, "Dan Cameron is literally The Devil". He decided to keep referencing this on the episode with no greater explanation, much to the chagrin and admitted amusement of Lars and the guest.

Further research suggests that it is a reference to an in-joke between Joe and his friends, who would ostensibly understand it when hearing it on air. Joe maintains that Dan Cameron is literally The Devil, and that this isn't a joke but rather a slice of life and bit of reality.

Joe and a friend actually had a song commissioned about Dan Cameron, for unknown reasons. The song was based on an ages-old hymn featuring Father Herbert Dlod, and talks about themes including The Devil, his Scion, and Pacific Coast Highway.

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Dan staff member

Established facts Edit

  • Joe "paid the price" when meeting Dan at some point
  • Dan drives a Scion
  • When Joe signs off on Discord, "Dan Cameron" shows up
  • As of July 28th, Dan has secured himself the role of Staff Member
  • At some point, Dan Cameron has become a Staff Member
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