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DaftPina, real name Ryan, is a YouTube content creator and friend of the show. His videos primarily focus on critiquing YouTube animators, specifically those he suspects of tracing.

Lars occasionally provides voice clips for DaftPina videos.


Ryan was a guest on The First Podcast in September 2019 after one of the Discord server members asked on their behalf during a live stream, knowing Lars and Joe had been interested in him as a guest for some time. On the episode, Ryan spoke in a completely normal cadence and displayed a sense of humor. By contrast, on his YouTube channel he is notable for an extremely idiosyncratic, slow deadpan delivery, as well as posting almost exclusively serious content. Puffer Fish made a surprise cameo in a post-credits "scene" on that episode.

Since then, he has been a returning guest, a guest host on some episodes, a bonus episode guest, and a frequent participant in the Among Us streams.

He also ended up crashing a bonus episode in July 2020, and ended up being the guest for it.

Ryan returned for a second mainline episode in August 2020, with mrmeatmanOhan, Rusty Cage and efryo crashing the episode at different points.

Occasionally, Ryan will be a guest host, such as on the episode with Hannah Daigle.