"🎶 Now recording..."

Craig is a Discord bot that the hosts currently use to record backup audio for episodes with guests. While said guest is still asked to record his or her audio in the interest of higher quality, the former exists as a safety measure.

History Edit

Audio issues are an accepted industry issue in the podcast game, and the worst of the worst is when it results in the loss of an entire episode. The hosts have thus made many efforts to fight against this possibility. Currently, every episode is insured against lost audio by using Craig.

Lars initially experimented with utilization of Craig backups during the very first episodes. However, this was back when Joe did not understand how to properly use his microphone, so the result was extremely dodgy. The two settled on using Skype for a while until they could get their audio systems properly set up for Discord.

Craig itself has a backup, Giarc, which exists on a separate server and also records a backup. While redundant, it could someday come in handy.

Apparently, Craig also is a member of The Official Podcast, replacing Alex and making him "quite the podcast slut".

Usage Edit

So far, Craig has saved episodes on two and a half occasions.

This includes two episodes where guests were for one reason or another unable to produce their audio recording, and one instance where Joe ostensibly forgot to save his audio. It was later discovered that he had, but to an obscure location. So while it would have been "okay" in the end, Craig still offered the hosts peace of mind that night.

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