Bonus episodes of The First Podcast are episodes of the show that are only available for Patreon subscribers.

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The vibe of each bonus episode is usually considerably more laidback, compared to a main episode with structure and defined segments. Lars and Joe sometimes select a member of the server (who is also a content creator), or someone who has already been a guest, once a month to come join them as a "guest host". Sometimes a bonus episode will be a guestless episode instead; in these situations, some sort of gimmick is usually employed, such as Lars giving Joe a quiz, or Joe "interviewing" Lars.

The episodes do not include a formal interview, although the hosts may ask the guest host some questions about what they do. For the most part, the participants simply talk and discuss whatever is on their minds. With some exceptions, the bonus episodes are usually slightly or much shorter than regular episodes, ranging from about 45-60 minutes.

Bonus episodes do not plug the show's sponsors, the Discord server, or the Patreon. However, the hosts do try to remind the patrons that there is a merch store.

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