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Big podcast lessons are revelations, tactics, curiosities, and other notable things that the hosts have discussed as being a product of their ever-increasing experience in the podcast game.

Examples Edit

  • It is better to reduce background noise on location and noise-gate audio tracks than to use noise suppression plug-ins that degrade audio quality and never fully work.
  • Voice audio sounds much smoother when it is all normalized. Lars currently sets normalization to -3dB.
  • Have a backup of everyone's audio. Lars and Joe have noted that, even if every participant thinks they are recording and all set, shit happens.
  • Some guests will neglect to share/promote their episode, leaving their fans completely in the dark about it. There is nothing to do here other than move on.
  • The first episode of anything sucks. Even if it's good, it still sucks in comparison to later episodes.
  • It is very, very difficult to remove "uh" from one's vocabulary. However, it is relatively easy to learn to deliberately pause instead of saying it.
  • A lot of really famous and notable people are totally down to be interviewed by a podcast just because they asked. Not all of them, or even most, but way more than one would think.
  • Some people, mostly younger teenagers, are simply unable to handle the pressures and expectations that being the member of a Discord server would impose upon them, and will have to be removed from it.
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