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Barbra Streisand in Yentl is the original first episode of The First Podcast, released in July 2018.

Details Edit

This episode marks the first appearance of main host Lars, as well as co-host Joe. Alexis had not been brought on, much less put on indefinite hiatus, at this point. The episode also acted as a formal audition for Joe as co-host.

The episode centered mostly around hypothetical questions, such as the type of job one would get in order to survive in Medieval Europe, or whom the hosts would bring to the moon. Notably, one segment includes them asking one another who their ideal guest would be; Joe’s ideal guest, Josh Newman, was indeed featured as a guest over forty episodes later.

This episode is also infamous for containing an early moment of significant comedy on the show when Joe brought up the film Yentl. Unbeknownst to him, he had severely misunderstood the plot and circumstances of the film, believing Barbra to have been cast as a young Jewish boy. The boys later revisited the film and comically realized she was actually cast as a young Jewish girl, who was being passed off as a boy so she could study.

Production Edit

Lars conducted his recording on an improperly configured Shure PG58, with Joe having talked into the wrong side of his generic USB microphone.

The former had the foresight to record his incoming audio as well, saving them from having to redo the entire thing. However, an extensive amount of lag on Joe’s end meant that his audio would frequently come out clipped. A comparison of the audio quality on this episode to a recent episode would be staggering.

This was one of the few first episodes to be recorded via the Discord server. The hosts would soon switch to Skype, as Alexis could not figure out Discord at the time. Later, they would switch back to Discord, preferring its audio quality and extra features.

Status on the show Edit

While both the hosts consider the early episodes to be of much lower quality, the first episode could be said to hold a special place in their hearts, as it was the beginning of everything. Several gags from said episode became recurring ones, such as "mostly professional".

The format of the episode, and the show itself, was very experimental at the time. Many standard features and segments from later episodes are non-existent on it. It also has a longer running time than most later episodes.

Like many others, the episode is currently unavailable due to the great purge.

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