Barack Obama is an American citizen and notable politician who was formerly the 44th President of the United States. This is being stated in case there is some podcast listener who somehow did not know this, although it would be very unlikely that they did not.

While the presidency of Obama was certainly imperfect, as all presidencies are, he currently exists as a bittersweet reminder of basic decorum and tact that the current leader has rejected wholesale.

Show significance Edit

Lars and Joe are fans of Obama and frequently reference him on-air when his presidency or persona comes up in conversation.


Additionally, Obama is, believe it or not, a friend and former colleague of David Housholder, Lars's father. Obama also follows Lars on Twitter.

Lars has stated that it is not actually completely inconceivable that he could arrange having him as a guest appearance on a future episode, given his social connections to the man; however, he is going to wait until the show has the kind of fanbase that could justify a guest of such magnitude.

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