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Asian Jake Paul is a YouTube vlogger that, along with the regular Paul brothers, has drawn significant dislike from Lars and Ohan.

History Edit

Asian Jake Paul is notorious for being a "douchebag among douchebags" in the YouTube vlogging sphere. Part of this comes from what he is: a constant excessive flexer with a bizarrely limited vocabulary and an insufferable demeanor. Another part of it comes from what he isn't: tall, blonde and handsome enough to get away with it. In short, Asian Jake Paul can be described as everything that is wrong with modern YouTube, but also with no redeeming qualities.

On an episode with Flexstyle, Lars satirically hypothesized that the latter was a major fan of Asian Jake Paul, who has a terrible habit of flexing on his fans, and that he wanted to make his music producer name a tribute to him.

On an appearance by Lars on the Double D Podcast, he mentioned that even Jake and Logan Paul were not quite as bad as Asian Jake Paul.

On an episode with Chikichu, Lars asked the former to tell off Asian Jake Paul if his clout ever became high enough to do so.

Nickname Edit

Content Cop - Jake Paul

Content Cop - Jake Paul

While this individual has a regular channel name, as well as a real name, the internet largely saw fit to refer to him only as the nickname Asian Jake Paul when satirical YouTube commentator iDubbbz dropped a "Content Cop" criticism of him.

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