Jesse Cox tries to understand "Are Traps Gay?"

Jesse Cox tries to understand "Are Traps Gay?"

"Are traps gay?" is a (usually satirical) question asked to an audience of some sort, positing an ambiguous question with the usual intent to make said audience uncomfortable.

Definition of a "trap" Edit

In this context, the term "trap" is used to refer to a crossdressing male who appears, at least initially, to be a feminine woman.

The question itself Edit

Part of what makes some people find the question amusing is that it can be interpreted in a few ways:

  • Is it homosexual behavior for a man to be attracted to a trap?
  • If a man is misled to believe that a trap is a woman, and considers him attractive, was that unwitting homosexual behavior of him?
  • Are traps, themselves, homosexuals?

Generally, however, the question is intended as being the first one.

The answer Edit

Various answers to the question have been posited, some serious and some satirical. The serious answers tend to be the following:

  • Being attracted to someone who presents as a beautiful woman is not inherently homosexual in any way, as the attraction comes from visual cues related to what people find desirable in the opposite sex. However, there is a small chance that someone actively seeking out traps may be expressing some form of latent homosexuality in an "acceptable halfway" form.
  • The answer to this question is also irrelevant, because sexual orientation does not ultimately matter

Criticism Edit

"Are traps gay?" has been criticized by a variety of persons and groups for being potentially insensitive, homophobic, and transphobic. While the question is almost always posited satirically and is not intended to be mean-spirited toward any groups per se, at the very least it is considered impolite and vulgar.

Some have defended the question as requiring a complex understanding of internet culture in order to appreciate or find it amusing. In response, others have stated that such heavy context requirements make it impractical to be considered appropriate outside of said context.

Likewise, the term "trap" has largely fallen out of fashion as an appropriate word to use in recent years.

References Edit

On a Bros Night episode, one of the hypothetical topics mentioned on air was "Are traps gay?" The hosts ultimately decided not to pursue this topic, though Lars was prepared to give a (somewhat) serious answer.

The topic may be revisited in the future.

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