Might as well be Anthony

According to Joe, he was taught how to play chess at a high level via the teachings of an unknown chessmaster named "Anthony" at Starbucks.

History Edit

On several episodes of the show, Joe has mentioned his supposed chess prowess. He claimed to owe his knowledge and skill to an alleged chessmaster named Anthony (the last name of which he has never been able to recall), who taught him and several other children how to play chess at Starbucks as some sort of hobby.

During a bonus episode in February 2020, Lars investigated international chess rankings and discovered that:

  • The 2600 ranking Joe had claimed, while not bad per se, was below the official Elo rating cutoff, and was thus not considered significant.
  • No person named Anthony in the international chess rankings could have plausibly matched Joe's description.

In fairness Edit

While the idea of the claim being 100% true was summarily debunked, it is not remotely outside of the realm of plausibility that some guy, who might as well be named Anthony, did indeed help teach Joe how to play chess at a coffee shop. It is unclear whether this is a long-term bit from Joe, or an either intentional or unintentional confabulation.

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