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Alexis Keatinge is a former co-host of The First Podcast.

Appearances Edit

Alexis had a crucial role as the third co-host of the show during its formative months, being an initial fan favorite as a beloved storyteller. She was put on indefinite hiatus in September 2018 when real life got in the way.

For all intents and purposes, Alexis is considered a retired host by Lars and Joe. The modern era of the show has largely moved on without her, mainly conducting interviews with content creators that are not part of her interests. Neither host has any hard feelings about it, however, and they support her in her future endeavors.

She can still be heard even after the great purge on what are now the first and second episodes of the show, with Pogo and Jackie Exoh.

Recording style/personality Edit

Alexis is very lively and talkative. She enjoys making Lars uncomfortable on-air with innuendo, and has a notably boisterous (and endearing) laugh.

During episodes, Alexis frequently communicates amusing paranoia toward Lars's more outrageous claims, warning him, "Don't put that in there!" despite the fact that he is, presumably, well aware of what is acceptable to include and what is not. Her neuroses and self-deprecation make for a great deal of humor on the show.

Alexis occasionally makes references to the dichotomy between her personality (which is extremely friendly and intellectual) and her appearance (which has implied stereotypes to the contrary). She finds this amusing and even goes out of her way to invoke it.

Of all the hosts, Alexis is by far the most accident-prone. She frequently makes loud noises on air while trying to be discreet. During one episode she managed to spill an entire vodka lemonade cocktail on her bed at the beginning of the recording session. The clumsiness is endearing, not eye roll-worthy.

There is almost no difference between Alexis on the record and off the record, so her character is barely semi-fictional.

Illuminati association Edit



There have been concerns about Alexis possibly being a member of the Illuminati after a clip arose of Alex Jones discussing a "new Russian AI chat bot" named Alexis.

Upon being questioned about this, Alexis laughed and proceeded to share the video on her Facebook page. It was unclear if this was a flippant admission or a simple brush-off. Further research should be done to determine her true allegiances.

Personal life Edit

Alexis is a hairsylist, model, singer-songwriter, and poet. She is openly bisexual and would possibly be into androids if they exist. She is an avid fan of NPR and will occasionally bring up what she's been listening to on the show. She maintains a blog and an active Instagram account. She is also raising a very cute kid.

She claims to be the cousin of Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.

Alexis considers herself spiritual but not religious per se. She has listed her political views as being a member of the "Lady Gaga Party" in jest, but has very liberal opinions in reality. She is also a "galitarian".

Alexis is a notable critic of people who drive while under the influence of alcohol. During her teenage years she became addicted to the Huntington Beach Police arrest records, and would often go out of her way to call 9-1-1 on people who she perceived as driving drunk.

Quotes Edit

  • "Cheese, bitch!"
  • "Salacious and scandalous. Sexy. Global warming."
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