Best VGM 137 - Plok - Beach

Best VGM 137 - Plok - Beach

The track "Beach" from the Super Nintendo video game Plok is, according to Lars, video game music's undisputed masterpiece.

He never shuts up about it.

To be fair Edit

Have you heard this track? It's in 7/8 time, using the stereo channels for all they're worth, and an absolute sonic headfuck drawing from both multiple genres and multiple decades. Also this was during an era where "bleep bloop" was still very much a thing.

Also, your brain simply isn't equipped to handle the hard left turn at 0:49. Somehow the track manages to garishly change into a completely different song, without provocation, in the middle of an odd time signature, with the subtlety of a baboon... yet sound incredible in doing so.

Lars has described the track as being "seventh grade material in a first grade class", not in the sense that he considered it grade school level, but that its creator was clearly overqualified for the simple SNES track project (in a good way). The composer, Tim Follin, was working on the level of what one might see in today's video game console generation.

But still Edit

It's just a random video game track from a bygone era. One does not need froth at the loins because of it.

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